I Wanted to Know


Here is one I’ve been working on instead of studying for finals.


I Wanted to Know


As a child I dreamt of being someone.

Searching for a semblance of what it all means

wishing to be a part of some bigger human history.


Grasping at the lives of the dead,

striving to see the secrets of their silence.


When I was young I longed to be in love.

Desired to be consumed by burning passions,

is joys and sorrows, ins and outs, ups and downs


I yearned to feel that thing so many sought

to help make this thing seem worthwhile.


I always wanted to know what poets seem to.

I sought it love

but in this life I live

its the struggles I wish to be free of.


Poetry isn’t love, it’s release.

This page can have my pain,

I’ll hold love for me

and those that share the same.

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