Cemeteries call out to me, do they call you too?

We’re all dead men on leave a general once said.

It’s nothing but ash we’re promised, pipe dreams

of infinity. But what about this portion of the eternal?


What of this moment, in it exists all the ramifications

of the past blossoming into fruition and all futures

yet seen. This moment is the holy temple of existence that

many spend entire lives seeking, can we just pretend


some semblance of civility? The afterlife

and their associated religions

are things we’re taught, he’vn or hell but it ain’t like that.

Civility before emotional reaction, do unto others as you would

have them do unto you. Remember that infinity is this too.


In this moment, and series of moments called life

is the heaven, is the hell of our experience.


Inevitably this always boils back down to rule number one

for living this life: Don’t be a dick*. We’re all slowly dying and

our grasp of this existence is limited by our experiences

filtered through the limited senses we’re born with

and the reason we forge.


All we have is this moment of clarity in a blink of an eye existence

that’s over before you knew it.


*Shout out to a wise lady.

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