Do you want to scream?

Do you ever just want to scream

but your loved ones are asleep

and you don’t want to wake them?


Or maybe you’re in an apartment by yourself

and you suddenly become aware of your neighbors

behind those fucked up paper thin walls

and you bite the urge to belt it all out.


Do you ever just want to scream

but you know someone will ask you,

“What was that all about?”

The reasons are clear in the mind

but it’s so hard to speak them sane.


You put a cap on all the rage and

all the pain and the things you have trouble to maintain.

You control what you can and hide the rest away,

because at the end of it all do we really got a say


in all the death and damned destruction that is done in our name?

Or the pains we choose and problems we create?

Or are we just living damned near day to day

just hoping that tomorrow will bring easier decisions.


Do you want to scream

but just hold out till tomorrow?

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